About Us

About Us

Sanchez and Eggebrecht

It’s About Trust.

We provide legal services in both criminal and family law as well as in general civil litigation. We understand that you or your loved one needs to have trustworthy representation. Our attorneys are dedicated to building an attorney client relationship based in trust, so that the client receives accurate and complete advice on all legal matters. To build this trust, we take the extra step, but we do not stop there. Instead, we travel together with our clients until our journey comes to an end. Then we stand ready to be called upon, again.

The Sanchez and Eggebrecht firm was founded on a belief that every person has certain rights. A violation of these rights should be addressed immediately. Our attorneys share the belief that to do so, requires experienced and thorough representation. With over 25 years of combined experience, our attorneys are poised to provide each client with the best possible representation.

Whether our clients are in need of criminal defense, have questions about family law, or general questions about their rights, our goal is to provide a comprehensive legal analysis seeking justice at every turn. Contact us using the information below, and know that we are here to help.

Our offices are centrally located in downtown Orlando. We offer flat fees as well as payment plans and initial consultations are provided free of charge.


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