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Legal problems can come at you and your family from any direction. When you're facing life-changing issues like divorce or criminal charges, you can't afford to be unprepared. Sanchez And Eggebrecht, P.A. can give you the guidance you need to handle your legal issues with confidence. No matter the circumstances, you can count on our criminal law lawyer or family law lawyer to be here for you.

Call 407-803-5600 now to consult a dependable family law lawyer in Orlando, FL. We offer payment plans to keep our services affordable.

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Sanchez And Eggebrecht, P.A. can take on a variety of cases in the Orlando, FL area. Our practice areas include:

  • Family law, to guide you through divorce or custody issues
  • Criminal law, to defend you against misdemeanor or felony charges
  • Business law, to provide you with legal advice while you form your startup

To find out what a business law lawyer can do for you, call 407-803-5600. Facing criminal charges? Schedule a free consultation with an experienced criminal law lawyer immediately.

Why trust your legal matters to Sanchez And Eggebrecht, P.A.?

Sanchez And Eggebrecht, P.A. is dedicated to providing our clients in the Orlando, FL area with exceptional family law, criminal law and business law services. You can trust a lawyer from our respected team to take on your case because:

  • We're skilled: we have over 25 years of combined experience
  • We're knowledgeable: we've worked as both prosecutors and defense attorneys, so we know how to work both sides of the courtroom
  • We're accessible: we serve the central Florida area, and we speak Spanish and English
  • We're affordable: we offer flat fees and payment plans

Contact Sanchez And Eggebrecht, P.A. today to speak with a criminal law lawyer in Orlando, FL. We're always happy to answer your questions.

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